This research-based curriculum is designed to attract students to, and enhance their persistence within, the biomedical science career pathway. It is also designed to scale-up the impacts of undergraduate research training at UTEP and partner institutions by facilitating undergraduate research opportunities.

The summer after many BUILD scholarship recipients graduate from high school, they will hone their basic skills by participating in the BUILDing SCHOLARS Summer Boot Camp. The boot camp is designed to expand upon students’ understanding of research fundamentals. Students will then gain hands-on research experience during their first and second years of training by first enrolling in a freshman-level Research Foundations Course (RFC) and then by completing two Research-Driven Courses (RDCs). The RFC and RDCs will fulfill existing requirements for participating students’ degree plans.

The RFCs and RDCs will build research training capacity at UTEP more broadly, as both BUILD scholarship recipients and students not supported by BUILD scholarships can enroll in these courses.

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