Research Enrichment Training (RET)

The RET modules, delivered in workshop format during the academic years for BUILD juniors and seniors, seamlessly complement the content of the Research Foundation Courses. Specifically, through the RET Workshop Series, students will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of NIH and funding opportunities offered through NIH
  • Have an opportunity to meet NIH Program Director(s) and successful local NIH researchers
  • Learn more about careers in biomedical research and how to apply to graduate school and/or plan their future careers

RET Workshop Series

Part one of this three-part workshop series introduces students to the National Institutes of Health (NIH); discusses biomedical research conducted by and supported by the NIH; and familiarizes students with career development resources offered through the NIH.

This intense workshop will feature a combination of guidance and hands-on work. It will focus on getting students to develop an action plan to apply to the graduate programs of their choice.

Part I will cover what graduate school is all about; the challenges and rewards; and what is needed to enter and then succeed. Part II will cover how to search for and decide which schools to apply to based on factors related to career goals, individual academic record, personal likes and dislikes, school prestige, research advisor, etc. During part III, students will conduct a search to determine application requirements. The application process and timeline will be discussed in conjunction with how to stay organized throughout the application process.

Students are expected to leave the workshop with a personalized spreadsheet containing most of, if not all, the requirements needed for their applications and specific dates when each step needs to be completed, including final submission. 

For more information on the BUILDing SCHOLARS Research Enrichment Training, please contact Danielle Xiaodan Morales, Research Training Coordinator, at

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