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Student Academic Advising

All students at UTEP receive academic advising in the department where they are pursuing their degree. Additionally, all BUILDing SCHOLARS students are required to meet with the BUILDing SCHOLARS Project Specialist throughout their participation in the program so as to identify, develop and attain their educational, personal and career goals, while staying on-track with BUILDing SCHOLARS requirements.

BUILD participants begin the program with an initial meeting with the Project Specialist. Each student is provided with a personalized long-term academic plan, information about BUILDing SCHOLARS activities and a tentative timeline for degree completion.

Prior to the enrollment window each semester, participants will meet with the Project Specialist to review, evaluate and modify (as necessary) their progress toward degree completion. Students will then take their BUILDing SCHOLARS program advising sheet with them so that they may present their proposed course selection to their departmental advisor. Note: Meeting with the BUILDing SCHOLARS Project Specialist does not substitute mandatory meetings with the departmental advisor. A hold will be placed on the student’s account each semester until they meet with the Project Specialist.

Students are encouraged to consult with the BUILDing SCHOLARS Project Specialist via telephone, email or office visit at any time with questions or concerns. Our team strives to help students develop their independence, provide guidance and insight along their academic path and instill a deep sense of belonging within the UTEP research community.

For more information about BUILDing SCHOLARS academic advisement, please contact Lorena Orozco, Project Specialist, at or by phone at (915) 747-5530.

BUILD Training Sequence Overview

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training sequence overview