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Travel Awards Program for Students

BUILDing SCHOLARS will award competitive conference travel awards of up to $1,000 to students wishing to attend and present at a national meeting. A completed application must be submitted a miniumum of six weeks prior to the conference.

Eligibility & Requirements:

·         Must be a BUILD student
·         Completed application (submitted at least six weeks prior)
·         Accepted abstract (proof of acceptance is required)
·         Letter of support from applicant’s mentor
·         Personal statement
·         CV listing current sources of funding


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Note: This award is contingent upon acceptance of the applicant's abstract.

Student Field Trip Insurance

IMPORTANT! It is important that students have Student Field Trip Insurance PRIOR to travel. More information can be found on the following link as different options are available.

EMERGENCIES OR ACCIDENTS WHILE TRAVELING: In the event that an accident or emergency situation occurs, the student needs to call the insurance carrier directly at 800-331-1096 to establish a claim (refer to the link below for instructions). The insurance carrier does not require students to visit a specific physician or group of physicians—they may visit a doctor of their choice. If students have already visited a physician, the physician’s and insurance carrier’s information and claim information must be included when submitting the claim procedure form.

UT Special Events Claim Procedure.