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BUILD Symposium Abstract Guidelines

Please submit your abstract here:

The abstract submission system for the BUILDing SCHOLARS symposium will remain open until September 20th.

What are the formatting requirements for the abstract?

Your abstract should be a paragraph no longer than 250 words that completely describes the research project you will be presenting on your poster. Thus, a very brief description of the Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions all should be included in this statement. The document should be ready and approved by your mentor BEFORE submitting through the online submission form.

Before you submit please be sure to have the following items.

  • The abstract's title
  • All co-author names, emails and affiliations. All authors will receive an email notification when the abstract is submitted.
  • A list of keywords/keyword phrases (5 maximum)

Contact your mentor immediately and request help with your abstract preparation. You may want to send her/him a copy of these instructions. BUILDing SCHOLARS Science Writer, Dr. John Garza, is also available to review and edit abstracts before submission.

Only one image may be uploaded if your abstract requires it. Images must be in JPG format and will be automatically reduced proportionally to 500 pixels in width.

  • To upload multiple images, use a photo editor to combine two or more images
  • The 500px width limit will still apply.

I’m ready with all of my materials, what do I do next?

Once ready, submit online using the Abstract Management System.

I’ve submitted my abstract, which means I am done, right?

NO! You may be asked to edit your submission prior to posting. The BUILD editors may request minor or major revisions, in which case you will be notified via email.

Once accepted and published, a pdf copy of your abstract will be posted in the Abstract Management System, accessible only to UTEP domain addresses.

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